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Publisher Fantaasia website

Until that point, the publisher had had only a Blogspot blog page. They used that blog for everything from selling the books to announce news. Thus they lacked any visual identity or branding.

In addition to all that, there were some bugetary limits I had to consider.

I tried to approach this job as practically as possible, as the end user didn't feel comfortable with any technology.

The main dfficulty lay in the ordernig mechanic. The client wished that all of the orders would come in as a message to their inbox. And then they would contact the buyer to set up the sending and paying.

Page was built usinig WordPress, Divi and Woocommerce.

This meant, I had to learn something new about woocommerce and PHP, to achive the desired result. In the end, the customer was happy and managed to double their monthly sales.

Unfortunatelly, the customer didn't want to have any further mainenance jobs done. As such, the website (and the accompanying code and plugins) has not been updated since 202


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