publisher kirjastus fantaasia mock up

Publisher Fantaasia Homepage

So far, Publisher Fantaasia had only operated through their blogspot page. Due to that they didn't have a visual identiy to base a design on.
Alongside that we had some bugetary restraints that meant, I was going to have to do some thing out of my comfort zone. Going on that I figured that something more practical and straightforward was need.
But as life has shown - to get something working straightforward, you have to have some imaginative solutions

I chose that font because it was easy to read and peculiar enough to stand out from other sans serif fonts.

Combined with the colours, it got me a great looking fontface

On this particular page I didn't get the comfort of using paid plug-ins due to bugetary restraints. That lead me to take a more hands on approach.

That is why the solution on the front page is more hand-made to post the most recent product in front and center and have the dynamic links attached to it.

The product pages provided some challange.

Due to not being able to implement a simple woocommerce ordering solution I had to think of another. That is how I came to the solution of attaching the page name and the link to the contact form so the client can't enter their required info that way.

Even the categories links and appearance provided some challange. To make them show on every woocommerce page and thumbnail required some custom php. That got me over the hump of having a author connected to a woocommerce product and make the products searchable via author.